It doesn’t seem that long ago that businesses were just discovering the marketing possibilities of social media. For some companies, it has since become the primary means of communication with customers and prospects.

Now the challenge is to stand out amidst an ever more crowded field of competitors, all using the same platforms to boost engagement and sales. Here’s how many of them are doing it this year.


Facebook Marketing

This is still the biggest platform going unless you’re under 18, in which case it’s just grandpa’s go-to site. But you should be there, and if you have a page the hot commodity now is memes. They are mostly used for sarcastic comments and in political arguments, but they can easily be turned into a creative and humorous way to promote your business.

Another ideas is messenger ads, which appear in messaging windows on the pages of your audience. There’s a risk of this annoying rather than informing, but if handled right it could be worth a try.

Finally, you may have noticed an increase in live streaming among some of your friends, and some of the organizations you have “liked.” It’s easy to do, and if your company has a product or service that can be demonstrated in an online video, you’ll probably attract some curious onlookers with a presentation.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn remains the fastest-growing site among business professionals, so for B2B companies a strong marketing presence here should be a priority.

To effectively reach this more serious audience, try long-form articles instead of posts. The site has been allowing them since 2014, and last year more than 350,000 were created. Given how sharing of content has doubled on the site over the last three years, a well-written piece has the potential to reach thousands of users.

Video content is also becoming more prevalent here. If you’re creating videos already for your website (as you should be doing), share them on LinkedIn as well.


Instagram and Pinterest

These two platforms may not be as prominent for business, but they should not be ignored.

Instagram has 500 million users a month and was recently purchased by Facebook, which has upgraded that site’s ad network targeting. For products with visual appeal, it’s worth the effort to have a presence here.

If your product or service is largely marketed to a female audience, Pinterest is also a promising option. Now that pins can be categorized, you can use your marketing keywords in board descriptions. They have also introduced targeted pay-per-click advertising, so if you’re already getting good response from Pinterest, PPC could be a sound investment.

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